Staff in Staff out

Employment which is one of the rising problems in India is resulted due to many factors. High job candidates, unfamiliar jobs, poor job facilities, and low recruitment options are the major factors concerned to it. Organization is finding it difficult to recruit employees according to their job profile resulting in low process outcome.


As on the other side, candidates are adjusting with jobs in which they are not familiar of. The growing problem of India can be taking as an example over here. Large number of candidates are showing up at various job station without knowing the proper job profile.

Organization are now let with an only option to hire such employees so as to get the work done by hook or crook. These organization can push them to a certain space where they achieve the basic work satisfaction but cannot give them with the satisfaction of growing to a certain position. All these work-related problems can be brought to nil if organization decides to outsource their recruitment process to an external agency known as recruitment process outsourcing.

Recruitment a term defines many objectives within as it is related with all the activities from putting out an ad for job to posting an employee in an organization.

This agency evaluates organization on basis on many factors and list out the objective of the employees before listing it out in open.

They then carry out the process of interviewing the candidates based on the organization specification and carry various interview test to check their skill within. Vacant position in the organization are then filled out with these talented candidates which takes this organization to new level. All these comes after the process which is pulled out by the recruitment agency such as analyzing the job requirements, reviewing applications, screening, shortlisting and selecting the right candidate.

To ensure that the recruitment process is carried out in best way, the agency has to work out the principles which is recruitment planning, strategy development, search for candidates, screening, evaluation and control. Recruitment process outsourcing is an important aspect and should be taken acute care while giving these to someone. Organizations should look out all these possible measures before handling the process to someone. Proper job analysis is said to be done by these agencies so as to list out the all factors to the candidates kicking in for the job. Job analysis includes Recording and collecting job information, Accuracy in checking the job information, generating job description based on the information, Determining the skills, knowledge and skills, which are required for the job.

Organizations has to look out for best recruitment agencies in India before outsourcing their work to these agencies. There are lot of agency out there who is giving out their services of recruitment, but it is the job of organization to list the best agencies for them. On these ongoing race Manpowergroup is leading with an example by providing organization with all their job recruitment activities with highest level of satisfaction. Only with proper knowledge one as well as organization can move forward.

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